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Company Profile

İstanbul based TÜMKALIP Ltd has been manufacturing qualified spare parts for qualified spare parts for  textile and food industries

Tümer C. Uprak founder of TÜMKALIP, has started his carrier in 1970 as a reliability engineer at the biggest shipyard company in Turkey. Uprak who went to Japan with the state scholorship, was trained on manufacturing technologies during one year.  

TUMKALIP has a strong processing capacity. In  its capacity there are, 4 axis Machining Centers, Lathes, Wire Edms, CNC Profile and cylindrical grinding and High Velocity Oxyfuel Thermal Coating Systems and High Technology Titanium Brazing.

Today TÜMKALIP manufactures spare parts for food and packaging industry and modern textile machinery. TÜMKALIP consists of an educated and specialized team.

TÜMKALIP is located at a distance of 30 minutes drive from İstanbul Atatürk International Airport.